R. Geoff B. Smith

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Many battery electrodes contain ensembles of nanoparticles that phase-separate on (de)intercalation. In such electrodes, the fraction of actively intercalating particles directly impacts cycle life: a vanishing population concentrates the current in a small number of particles, leading to current hotspots. Reports of the active particle population in the(More)
The Eucalyptus dunnii Maiden plantation estate in northeastern NSW and southeastern Queensland is significantly expanding on ex-grazing land. Thirty-one growth plots (average age 5.2 y) covering a latitudinal range of about 3.2° (370 km) and at altitudes from 8 m to 740 m asl in NSW were used to evaluate the correlation of site, soil and climatic variables(More)
Tree growth and form are both influenced by crown architecture and how it effects leaf distribution and light interception. This study examined the vertical distribution of foliage in 4-year-old plantation-grown Eucalyptus pilularis Sm. and E. cloeziana F. Muell. trees. Leaf area (LA) distribution was determined at two different sites using allometric(More)
In subtropical rainforest in eastern Australia, changes in the diversity of trees were compared under natural conditions and eight silvicultural regimes over 35 years. In the treated plots basal area remaining after logging ranged from 12 to 58 m 2 per ha. In three control plots richness differed little over this period. In the eight treated plots richness(More)
Eucalyptus pilularis planted at three initial stocking densities of 833, 1111 and 1,667 stems ha−1 grown at either square or rectangular spacing was assessed for the effects of stocking and rectangularity on wood properties. Sample trees from each stocking and rectangularity combination were harvested at age 7 years and assessed for the commercially(More)
Whitewood (Endospermum medullosum) is native to Vanuatu and has been designated as a priority species for plantation development by the Vanuatu Government for timber production after exhaustion of available natural forest supplies. Domestication is well advanced, with first and second-generation seed orchards and considerable silvicultural research having(More)
The Marcus–Hush–Chidsey (MHC) model is well known in electro-analytical chemistry as a successful microscopic theory of outer-sphere electron transfer at metal electrodes, but it is unfamiliar and rarely used in electrochemical engineering. One reason may be the difficulty of evaluating the MHC reaction rate, which is defined as an improper integral of the(More)
This paper investigates the products from first thinning at age 6 in Endospermum medullosum (whitewood) plantations in Vanuatu at three stocking densities, and the financial outcomes from several silvicultural thinning regimes based on these spacings. Whitewood plantings established at stockings rates of 417, 625 and 833 stems per hectare were thinned at(More)
The Marcus–Hush theory of electron transfer has seen increasing use as a predictive alternative to the phenomenological Butler–Volmer (BV) equation for Faradaic reactions kinetics. Here, we analyze and simplify the asymmetric Marcus–Hush (AMH) model, first proposed by Marcus and recently used by Compton's group to fit experimental data that exhibit two(More)
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