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OBJECTIVE To investigate whether colored glasses influence the habituation of visual evoked potentials. BACKGROUND We have previously shown that during pattern-reversal stimulations lasting 2 minutes the amplitude of the visual evoked potential increases in migraine with and without aura between attacks, whereas it decreases in healthy volunteers. Red(More)
The blind from birth has a slower psychomotor development than the normal child because he must palliate the deficiency of visual information by the development of suppletory senses and integrate these information to the structuration of environment. An early assistance by a multidisciplinary team with an important participation of the family will however(More)
Among photosensitive patients, the use of colored filters sometimes leads to a clear improvement of comfort. After a general review of theory, we start on the way we take care of these patients and the way filters are fitted and made. We only present here a preliminary work. A subsequent study or accurate informations of colored filters will be published(More)
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