R. Garcia Casado

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The Puertollano Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) Power Plant (Spain) fly ash is characterized by a relatively high content of Ga and V, which occurs mainly as Ga2O3 and as Ga3+ and V3+ substituting for Al3+ in the Al-Si fly ash glass matrix. Investigations focused on evaluating the potential recovery of Ga and V from these fly ashes.(More)
The great spatial and temporal heterogeneity of Mediterranean ecosystems can influence establishment success in woody species, whose natural regeneration occurs to a very small extent. In this work, the effect of the spatial pattern of environmental variables (light availability, soil moisture and herbaceous production) on seedling emergence, growth,(More)
Different inorganic and organometallic gold(III) and gold(I) complexes have been tested in the addition of water and methanol to terminal alkynes. Anionic and neutral organometallic gold(III) compounds can efficiently mediate these reactions in neutral media in refluxing methanol. The compounds are added in catalytic amounts (1.6-4.5 mol % with respect to(More)
Phytoremediation consists of a set of innovative technologies for environmental cleanup that takes advantage of the unique extractive and metabolic capabilities of plants. This technology presents clear benefits over traditional methods, including wide applicability, ecological value and cost-effectiveness. Whereas organic pollutants can be degraded to less(More)
The object of this study is to characterize the aero-thermal performance of a rectangular turbine blade cooling channel for gas turbines equipped with turbulence promoters, square section ribs, inclined at 45 degrees with respect to the main flow direction. With this aim, a P.I.V investigation of the flow field within an inter-rib space inside four cooling(More)
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