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Usually, when considering an evolutionary development, the fittest individua and their succesfull mutations recive most attention. The less fit ones, existing due to selection-mutation equilibria, are regarded, as an inevitable waste. It appears that these handicaped individua play an important role in evolution, as they make escapes from evolutionary traps(More)
A new method of global random search in R n devised from a model of evolution is proposed. The model can be regarded as a randomization of Eigen's model of macromolecular evolution. The novelty of the method is in a random choice of modification basepoints with probabilities depending on results of the last group of trials — soft selection. In other(More)
A simple stochastic model assuming continuous traits, normally distributed modifications, selection for fertility and multiplicative fitness was used to simulate phenotypic evolution by “reproducing individuals” in a given fitness landscape. Of particular interest was how small populations cross saddles separating distinct adaptive peaks. The simulated(More)
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