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Microbial communities in soils may change in accordance with distance, season, climate, soil texture and other environmental parameters. Microbial diversity patterns have been extensively surveyed in temperate regions, but few such studies attempted to address them with respect to spatial and temporal scales and their correlations to environmental factors,(More)
The mountain gazelle (Gazella gazelle), Dorcas gazelle (Gazella Dorcas) and acacia gazelle (Gazella arabica acacia) were historically abundant in the southern Levant, and more specifically in Israel. Anthropogenic and natural changes have caused a rapid decline in gazelle populations, raising concerns about their conservation status and future survival. The(More)
The 5' region of the rRNA operon, rrnA, of M. capricolum was cloned. Sequence analysis revealed two tRNA genes, tRNA(leu) and tRNA(lys), upstream to the promoter of the rRNA operon. The in vivo transcription start sites of the rRNA operon and of the tRNA genes were mapped. The same promoters used by M. capricolum RNA polymerase are also recognized by E.(More)
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