R. G. V. Baker

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The instrument described in this manuscript was developed to perform objective, quantitative measurements of wound healing, which will enable service providers to assess, improve, and individualize the treatment given to each wound patient. It was designed to produce measures that will enable the care provider to assess the current state of the wound as(More)
The giant African snail, Achatinafulica, followed trails made with the mucus of A. fulica, but did not follow those consisting of mucus from Otala vermiculata. In olfactometer experiments, A. fulica and Helix aperta oriented preferentially toward the odor of their own species when both odors were presented simultaneously. Species specificity was less(More)
Within the framework of the ESRF Phase I Upgrade Programme, a new state-of-the-art synchrotron beamline ID16B has been recently developed for hard X-ray nano-analysis. The construction of ID16B was driven by research areas with major scientific and societal impact such as nanotechnology, earth and environmental sciences, and bio-medical research. Based on a(More)
The quantitative revolution in geography in the 1960s and 1970s was an exciting time to be a postgraduate student. Like many social scientists, geographers at that time wanted to make the 'intellectual music' of science, the anthem of geography, from an orchestra of common methods and techniques. It is therefore with great appreciation that we thank Peter(More)
The mathematical analysis of the Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) is distinctly aspatial at present, with the transaction flows defined specifically by time-dependent indices (such as, the Internet Weather Report). How should the Internet and WWW be viewed as a geographical system where both space and time are fundamental to interaction? The retail(More)
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