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Digital video transmission using wireless technology is an important functionality in multimedia communication. Such wireless transmission considers various parameters of channel like reliability, quality of service (QoS), transmission rate, transmission delay etc. User datagram protocol (UDP) is a fast transmission protocol used by most of the real-time(More)
To improve the robustness of video transmission over heterogeneous wireless network various error resilient tools are deployed. The impact of bit errors on the perceived video quality depends on several factors, such as error resilience of the data format, error concealment mechanism used and characteristics of the bit error pattern. In this paper the(More)
For real time digital video transmission, an innovative multi-layer design of wireless systems is needed, where information among layers is exchanged and parameters are jointly optimized for richer interfaces among the layers of the protocol stack. The growing prevalence of wireless calls for such design of wireless network to support Quality of Service(More)
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