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Results obtained from the study of the interaction between the phytosteroid preparation (BTK-8L) and fractionated rat liver nuclear chromatin under conditions of the tetrachloromethane and chlorophos intoxications are described. It is shown that preventive injection of BTK-8L to the animals has a partial protective effect on transcriptionally active and(More)
Genoprotective effect of preparation BTK-8L from plant steroids at prophylactic injection to experimental animals at chromatin damage by chlorofos was revealed. Antioxidant action of the preparation, being most highly expressed in the transcriptionally active chromatin fraction, is, probably, the most likely mechanism of the action. The realization of this(More)
Hepatoprotective action of prophylactic injection of aqueous solution of preparation BTK-8L from plant ecdysteroids to experimental animals with the liver damage by tetrachloromethane was revealed. This effect at least partially was connected with the genoprotective action of the given preparation. As a result, normalization of free radical chromatin lipid(More)
Results of the study of interaction of the phytoecdysteroid preparation (BTK-8L) with fractionated rat liver nuclear chromatin were described. It was shown that the interaction resulted in the "loosening" of the histone proteins structure both in active and repressed chromatin. At the same time the reparative DNA synthesis in the repressed fraction was(More)
Lipid peroxidation (LPO), physico-chemical properties of the membranes and isoformic composition of microsomal cytochrome P-450 from the rat liver were studied under conditions of antioxidant insufficiency (AOI) which was modelled by exclusion of alpha-tocopherol from the animals' ration. An insignificant accumulation of microsomal diene conjugates and(More)
Structural and functional state of rat hepatocytes endoplasmic reticulum membranes intoxicated with chlorofos (0,0-dimethyl-(1-oxy-2,2,21-trichloroethylphosphonate) was studied. It was shown that in case of intoxication a breakage of the membrane Ca(2+)-transport function was accompanied by modification of the membrane phospholipid lipoperoxidation(More)
The conformity of the ultrasonic treatment influence on characteristics of the forming liposomes from phosphatidylcholine water dispersion has been studied by means of spectrophotometry, atomic absorption spectrometry, thin layer and gel chromatography and electron microscopy. Optimal treatment conditions which allow attaining relatively homogeneous(More)
The fluorescence and polarography methods are used to establish certain differences in conformation characteristics of transcriptionally active and repressed forms of rat liver chromatin. The data obtained prove the nucleo-soma ability to aggregation in the repressed chromatin and confirm a decondensed character of packing in transcriptionally active(More)
Physiochemical conformity of the alpha-tocopherol interaction with hepatic microsomal membranes has been studied by means of fluorescent probes (pyrene and 1-anilinonaphthalene-8-sulphonate). The microsomal membrane microviscosity is shown to sharply decrease under conditions of the antioxidant deficiency with vitamin E expelled into animals normalizes(More)
Enzymatic activity and structural peculiarities of human erythrocyte membranes obtained by different methods, are analyzed in the paper. Our studies have demonstrated different enzymatic activity of the preparations of right side- and inside-out vesicles of human erythrocyte membranes. Fluorescence probes of pyrene and ANS have shown that these membrane(More)