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Here we describe a procedure for cloning pigs by the use of in vitro culture systems. Four healthy male piglets from two litters were born following nuclear transfer of cultured somatic cells and subsequent embryo transfer. The initiation of five additional pregnancies demonstrates the reproducibility of this procedure. Its important features include(More)
Holes drilled in rats' skull, iliac crest, and tibia were filled with beeswax or with a new, wax-like, bioerodible polyorthoester (Alzamer). Empty drill-holes served as controls. In addition, beeswax and polyorthoester were deposited between the left and the right oblique abdominal muscles, respectively. In muscle, both the beeswax and polyorthoester(More)
Histological sections of eight periapical granulomas and cysts developing after conventional endodontic therapy and displaying faintly hematoxylinophilic, birefringent foreign bodies were investigated by light and polarization microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, energy-dispersive X-ray, and chemical analysis. In addition to a variably dense(More)
The present investigation was undertaken to identify commonly occurring foreign material in postendodontic periapical granulomas and cysts. 29 biopsies from such lesions with observed foreign material were routinely processed, stained with H&E, von Kossa and Calcofluor White and investigated by light, polarization and fluorescence microscopy. Applying(More)
BACKGROUND Foreign material may cause and aggravate gingival lesions. This is rarely considered clinically. The lesions are resistant to frequently protracted conventional therapy. The foreign material is often inconspicuous and easily overlooked by the pathologist. METHODS 85 cases of gingival lesions containing foreign material were investigated by(More)
An in vitro test method is described simulating the in vivo fate of a denture adhesive, i.e., destruction of the adhesive, dilution, and dissolution, by measuring the bond strength for the adhesive placed between acrylic resin plates. Between each measurement, the adhesive was exposed to isotonic saline. The bond strength for two ointment denture adhesives,(More)