R G Eason

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The question of whether subcortical gating occurs as a function of spatial selective attention remains unsettled. This issue was investigated, using the paradigm of Eason et al. (1969) wherein subjects are instructed to attend to a specified location in a given visual field while attempting to ignore stimuli presented in the opposite field. Visual evoked(More)
This study investigated whether motor set, in conjunction with spatial selective attention (sensory set), influences the transmission of incoming visual information at a precortical level in humans. Stimuli were presented concomitantly in both the right and left visual fields while subjects attended to the relevant visual field (either left or right) on a(More)
  • Koenig, Dichgans J, Dengler W Fixation Suppres, Furst Ej, J Goldberg, Jenkins Ha Voluntary +7 others
  • 2012
implies that VOR gain must be close to unity (>0.9) during head-free pursuit and that there is thus little, if any, nonvisual suppression. It is possible, as suggested previously (15), that the apparent reduction in VOR gain induced by the attempt to fixate an imaginary head-fixed target in darkness is actually brought about, not by a parametric reduction(More)
Succinyl (SDF), phenylsuccinyl (PSDF), glutaryl (GDF), and phenylglutaryl (PGDF) derivatives of desferrioxamine B (DF) have been synthesized. In rats given the 59Fe(III) chelates of each these ligands at tracer levels, 82-94% of the 59Fe was eliminated within 1-2 days. 59Fe given as DF, SDF, and GDF chelates was excreted primarily in the urine, while nearly(More)
In Experiment 1, a light and a tone were correlated independently with water reinforcement of bar pressing by rats. With different naive subjects in Experiment 2, one of these stimuli was correlated with food and the other with water reinforcement (counterbalanced). In both experiments the absence of tone and light signaled extinction. Tests of(More)
We compared the crossed upgoing toe sign with the plantar response as an indicator of pyramidal tract dysfunction in 125 normal subjects and 192 patients with neurological disorders. A positive crossed upgoing toe sign was associated significantly with a partial pyramidal tract lesion in the contralateral cerebral hemisphere with a frequency similar to that(More)
To test the hypothesis that voluntary alpha control is mediated in part through self-induced changes in cortical activation level and bodily arousal, changes in several physiological indicants of such activity were systematically examined as a function of the voluntary enhancement and suppression of scalp-recorded alpha activity. Following per-training, 6(More)
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