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The electrical method of eye movement recording (EOG) was used to study the reactions of the eyes when subjects attempted to fixate as quickly as possible on light stimuli appearing at various points along the horizontal plane. Each eye was recorded separately, allowing an assessment of the degree of independence of the eyes when reacting in this way. In(More)
This study investigated whether motor set, in conjunction with spatial selective attention (sensory set), influences the transmission of incoming visual information at a precortical level in humans. Stimuli were presented concomitantly in both the right and left visual fields while subjects attended to the relevant visual field (either left or right) on a(More)
The synthesis of 8-methoxy-2'-deoxyadenosine (moA) protected at N6 as an N,N-dimethylformamidine derivative and incorporation of the modified nucleoside into oligodeoxynucleotides via the phosphoramidite method are described. UV thermal denaturation studies were conducted on duplexes containing moA:G, moA:C and moA:T base pairs to determine the(More)
The question of whether subcortical gating occurs as a function of spatial selective attention remains unsettled. This issue was investigated, using the paradigm of Eason et al. (1969) wherein subjects are instructed to attend to a specified location in a given visual field while attempting to ignore stimuli presented in the opposite field. Visual evoked(More)