R. G. Buschman

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Neuroblastoma is a childhood neural crest tumour, genetically characterized by frequent deletions of the short arm of chromosome 1 and amplification of N-myc. Here we report the first evidence for a neuroblastoma tumour suppressor locus on 4pter. Cytogenetically we demonstrated rearrangements of 4p in 7 out of 26 evaluable tumours (27%). Subsequent analysis(More)
(1.3) (u x-i x . y(u) du f(), 0 < c S 5 , in which C,x is an ultraspherical (Gegenbauer) polynomial. The solution of these integral equations by the aforementioned authors is based on certain integrals involving products of the respective orthogonal polynomials. Another method of solution can be based on Rodrigues’s formula and its extension to the(More)
Furthermore, by using [2, p. 230, (1)] a computable representation for the G-function in (1) (and hence also for F,112(s)) may be given in terms of essentially a linear combination of four hypergeometric functions OF3[b2s2 /16] provided that no two of the parameters {1, 1 1+v-P1v-P) differ by an integer. This result for Fv-112(s) is given (correctly) in [3,(More)
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