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The term random noise radar (RNR) refers to a class of radar using random noise as its transmitted signal. Noise waveforms have proven useful in a number of radar applications; however, dynamic range performance suffers due to high range sidelobes. This paper investigates the use of the CLEAN deconvolution algorithm to suppress range sidelobes in noise(More)
The noise radar concept is extended to an array of K transmit antenna and M receive antenna. When independent noise sources are transmitted from each antenna the approach may be viewed as a special case of MIMO radar. Two transmission approaches, termed element space (ES) and beam space (BS), are considered together with both conventional and MVDR(More)
This note is a corrigendum to an earlier paper by the first named author. The original proof contained a gap which is here corrected under the formally stronger hypothesis that X admit a C p smooth norm rather than merely a Lipschitz, C p smooth bump function. More precisely, it is shown that on weakly compactly generated Banach spaces X which admit a C p(More)
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