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The chemiluminescence of peripheral blood monocytes and alveolar macrophages was determined in the presence of luminol and lucigenin, either before or after the cell adherence to the luminometer curvettes. In the case of monocytes, cell adherence induces an increase of luminol-dependent chemiluminescence and has almost no effect on the lucigenin-dependent(More)
Gemfibrozil is an antihyperlipidaemia agent used in therapy to reduce the occurrence of coronary heart disease. Considering the biochemical and pharmacological peculiarities of this class of drugs, we investigated the influence of a single oral therapeutic dose of gemfibrozil on the reactive oxygen metabolism of phagocytic leucocytes. Analysis was carried(More)
We studied 5 patients affected by respiratory failure from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to detect the effect of theophylline on arterial gas pressures of oxygen and carbon dioxide and on mechanism of oxygen transportation. Theophylline was found to increase hemoglobin saturation and decrease carbon dioxide pressures without significant effects on(More)
Serum levels of C4 complement factor are lower in diabetic patients: it is supposed that this finding is related to genetic inheritance factors of diabetes. The purpose is to compare C4 levels in newborns of diabetic mothers with maternal metabolic control during pregnancy. The results suggest that metabolic control could influence the expression of genetic(More)
PAP of harvested livers is routinely used to minimize parenchymal anoxia during storage. PP is compared with PAP to evaluate the relative reliability of PAP. Sixty female Landrace pigs were used for 30 OLTs. Group 1 livers underwent PP, whereas group 2 livers were treated with PAP. The cold ischemic time was less than 120 minutes for both groups, with no(More)
The role of the two main serum opsonins (IgG and C3b) in the induction of polymorphonuclear leukocyte chemiluminescence was studied in a group of psoriatic patients. Chemiluminescence was stimulated with zymosan opsonized by fresh plasma (IgG- and C3b-dependent chemiluminescence) or by complement-depleted plasma (IgG-dependent chemiluminescence). While(More)