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Recurrence is a major problem in the medical treatment of gallstones but its extent is still uncertain. The aim of this study was to determine the magnitude of this event and to assess the effectiveness of a postdissolution treatment in preventing it. We evaluated the long-term recurrence rate after 96 confirmed dissolutions observed in 86 subjects (71(More)
Gallbladder motility was evaluated by ultrasonography in 75 cholesterol gallstone patients and in 77 matched control subjects. All 75 gallstone patients were candidates for oral bile acid therapy (radiolucent gallstones, less than 2 cm in diameter, in well-opacified gallbladder), and 38 of them were also studied during ursodeoxycholic acid administration.(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the efficacy of the Dornier MPL 9000 lithotripter with a real time ultrasound transducer in the localization and treatment of upper and prevesical ureteric stones. PATIENTS AND METHODS Two-hundred and eighty-five patients with pre-vesical ureteric stones and 247 patients with upper ureteric stones underwent extracorporeal shock wave(More)
The aims of this study were to determine the diagnostic effectiveness of fasting and postprandial serum bile acid determinations in liver diseases, and to compare results with those of conventional liver function tests. In 322 patients with biopsy-proved liver disease and 93 healthy subjects, fasting and postprandial (2 hr) serum levels of cholic,(More)
The local and systemic effects, as well as the repair mechanisms, of sterile absolute ethyl alcohol injection were evaluated at a range of doses (0.1-2.0 mL/kg body weight) in rabbit liver in order to confirm the feasibility and safety of local treatment of tumours in man. Saline injection was used in the control animals. The animals were killed at varying(More)
OBJECTIVES The appearance of gallstone opacification during oral bile acid administration indicates that stones are no longer susceptible to dissolution and represents, therefore, a definitive treatment failure. Ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) has been imputed to facilitate gallstone opacification; however, data regarding the comparative occurrence of gallstone(More)
In order to better evaluate some epidemiological findings observed during previous studies on large samples of free living populations we carried out a case-control study on a randomly selected group of subjects in a health spa, Boario Terme. Seven-hundred and thirty subjects, aged 40-69 years, participated in the study. The study protocol included an(More)
Sixty-one patients with vesical stones (38 with underlying obstructive conditions and 23 unobstructed) underwent SWL using ultrasound targeting under no regional or general anesthesia. A foley catheter was not routinely employed, and the bladder was filled in a physiologic way. Complete resolution was obtained in 47 patients (78%); in particular, 66% of the(More)
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