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The construction of a new database of statistics on the climate and environment of the Martian atmosphere is currently under way, with the support of the European Space Agency. The primary objectives of this database are to provide information for mission design specialists on the mean state and variability of the Martian environment in unprecedented(More)
An MEG experiment was carried out in order to compare the processing of lexical-tonal and intonational contrasts, based on the tonal dialect of Roermond (the Netherlands). A set of words with identical phoneme sequences but distinct pitch contours, which represented different lexical meanings or discourse meanings (statement vs. question), were presented to(More)
As policy-making and law enforcement institutions generally operate at the national level, or at least at a regional level (Europe for instance), we studied geolocated recordings available in a large dataset obtained by a measurement of keyword-based queries submitted to a large P2P server. We observed that the fractions of paedophile queries may be orders(More)
Accurate and up-to-date knowledge of keywords entered by users who search or provide paedophile content is a key resource for filtering purposes and for monitoring by law enforcement institutions. However, such keywords are often hidden and may change frequently, and our current knowledge about them relies on manual inspection and field expertise. We(More)
In this work, we explore two basic but crucial statistics: the fraction of paedophile queries entered by users of a large P2P file exchange system, and the fraction of involved users. In order to do so, we carefully inspect two huge datasets of more than one hundred million queries recorded in two very different contexts. We then use a state-of-the-art tool(More)
Let D be the unit disk in the complex plane C. We prove that for any polynomial p of degree at most n max z ∈ * D p(z) − p(¯ z) z − ¯ z n max 0 j n p e ij /n + p e −ij /n 2 , where * D denotes the boundary of D. We show how this result is related to classical inequalities of Bernstein and Markov and to more recent results due to Duffin and Schaeffer.