R. Fournier

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Compression therapy is frequently used to prevent hypertrophy of post-burn scars. This pilot study was performed in 6 patients to assess non-invasive changes induced in the tensile strength of the skin before any clinical improvement can be perceived. Assessments were performed using a computerized suction device delivering three 5 s cycles of 500 mbar(More)
Let D denote the unit disc of the complex plane and Pn the class of polynomials of degree at most n with complex coefficients. We prove that max z ∈ ∂D ∣∣∣∣pk(z)− pk(z̄) z − z̄ ∣∣∣∣ ≤ n max 0≤j≤n ∣∣∣∣p(eijπ/n) + p(e−ijπ/n) 2 ∣∣∣∣ , where p0 := p belongs to Pn and for k ≥ 0, pk+1(z) := zpk(z) . We also show how this result contains or sharpens certain(More)
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