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Liquid silicone is a permanent filler. Its use to augment soft tissues for aesthetic purposes was widespread worldwide in the 1960s. Although initially considered to be biologically inert, this substance may cause, after its injection, an inflammatory granulomatous effect of variable severity and, in very rare cases, a severe hypercalcemia, which can be(More)
BACKGROUND The concept of the facial artery perforator flap was developed for improved freedom during the reconstruction of perioral and perinasal defects. This flap enables tailor-made reconstruction and a shift from the traditional two-stage procedure to a one-stage technique. In this cadaveric study, the authors quantify the number, length, and diameter(More)
The incidence of lymphedema following treatment for breast cancer ranges between 10 and 50% after complete axillary dissection and gives rise to severe functional discomfort in patients. Results of lymphaticovenous anastomoses (LVA) in surgical treatment of lymphedema appear to be favorable. However, the available literature on this topic is scarce, often(More)
Uterine leiomyoma in torsion is an uncommon emergency and mimics generalized peritonitis. We report the case of a 62-year-old woman with a huge subserous fibroid in torsion. The lesion was removed surgically with the uterus and ovaries. Imaging is an essential tool in the diagnosis of myomata and should serve to exclude other diseases, especially malignancy.
BACKGROUND Age-related changes in fat compartments have yet to be fully characterized. Uncertainty remains in terms of volume gains/losses or shape fluctuations over time. The authors' aim was to determine the evolution of subcutaneous fat in the aging upper face, focusing on shifts in volume and dimension. METHODS Over the course of 4.5 years, 100 faces(More)
INTRODUCTION Tumors of the upper outer quadrant of the breast represent the most common location of breast malignant tumors. Although the choice of surgical approach should be dictated primarily by an imperative of oncological safety, esthetic and practical considerations of the surgeon as well as the esthetic demands of patients have become increasingly(More)
BACKGROUND Soft-tissue defects surrounding the elbow can be a challenging problem for the orthopaedic surgeon. Reliable reconstruction with use of muscular flaps or even perforator flaps derived from the surrounding vessels has been described. The inferior cubital artery (ICA) is an indirect septocutaneous perforator branch that most frequently arises from(More)
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