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BACKGROUND Small clinical trials are necessary when there are difficulties in recruiting enough patients for conventional frequentist statistical analyses to provide an appropriate answer. These trials are often necessary for the study of rare diseases as well as specific study populations e.g. children. It has been estimated that there are between 6,000(More)
This paper reviews the history of research performance evaluation in the university sector of the Federal Republic of Germany over a fifteen-year period from 1975–88. While the first studies were rankings of entire institutions, recent studies have focused on performance differences between departments and individual researchers of the same discipline. Many(More)
Along the German North Sea coast, the observed high spatial competition of stakeholders has encouraged the idea of integrating open ocean aquaculture in conjunction with offshore wind farms beyond the 12 miles zone. The article provides an overview on the current state of transdisciplinary research on a potential implementation of such a multifunctional use(More)