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The PCR-based methodology applied to multiple-locus variable numbers of tandem repeat (VNTR) analysis was recently shown to be a useful technique for the molecular typing of clinical isolates of several bacterial species. We have adopted this method for the molecular typing of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Five staphylococcal VNTR loci (sdr,(More)
Photosystem II from transplastomic plants of Nicotiana tabacum with a hexahistidine tag at the N-terminal end of the PsbE subunit (α-chain of the cytochrome b(559)) was purified according to the protocol of Fey et al. (BBA 12:1501-1509, 2008). The protein sample was then subjected to two additional gel filtration runs in order to increase its homogeneity(More)
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