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In this paper, we present a class of three-dimensional dynamical systems having multiscrolls which we call unstable dissipative systems (UDSs). The UDSs are dissipative in one of its components but unstable in the other two. This class of systems is constructed with a switching law to display various multiscroll strange attractors. The multiscroll strange(More)
In this paper, we present a class of 3-D unstable dissipative systems, which are stable in two components but unstable in the other one. This class of systems is motivated by whirls, comprised of switching subsystems, which yield strange attractors from the combination of two unstable "one-spiral" trajectories by means of a switching rule. Each one of these(More)
Synchronizability of chaotic systems is studied in this contribution. Geometrical tools are used to understand the properties of vector fields in affine systems. The discussion is focused on synchronizability of chaotic systems with equal order. The analysis is based on the synchronous behavior of all states of the master/slave system (complete(More)
— On this contribution, a hybrid time system that evolves switching between two continuous-time vector fields, one stable and the other unstable, is used to construct a secure communication scheme. The proposed cypher encrypts information on the trajectories of a hybrid time system with a switching rule chosen such that the system presents complex behavior.(More)
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