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INTRODUCTION To date, epidemiological studies on multiple sclerosis in Spain have been basically prevalence studies, and the data on incidence recorded have been the result of different methodologies, with no definition of the criteria for inclusion. OBJECTIVE To carry out a study of incidence with prospective collection/review of cases over a prolonged(More)
A door-to-door survey of transient ischemic attack (TIA) and stroke was conducted in 3 towns of the Alcoi health area. The prevalence ratios found for TIA and stroke were 13/1,000 people (95% CI 8.8-17.9) and 21.5/1,000 (95% CI 15.8-27.2), respectively. The crude incidence rates for both TIA and stroke were 2.8/1,000 (95% CI 0.7-4.9). Methodological(More)
INTRODUCTION Headache is one of the commonest causes of consultation in neurology. There are many studies of the prevalence of migraine showing considerable variation in the results obtained. OBJECTIVES To find the prevalence of migraine, with and without an aura, by means of a randomized transverse study carried out in a previously selected rural(More)
We evaluated cerebrovascular risk factors and the values of cholesterol and triglicerides in the survey in Muro d'Alcoi using a door-to-door randomised interview. We found 14.9% hypertensives, 5.5% persons with diabetes, 1.2% with heart diseases and 42.1 persons with tabaccoism into the 646 persons evaluated. The Serum Cholesterol levels were high and we(More)
INTRODUCTION Headache is one of the commonest reasons for consultation and it might be useful to know its characteristics in order to determine which patients may need medical attention. OBJECTIVES To carry out a randomized transverse study in a rural population using the validated questionnaire 'Alcoi-92', and to determine the clinical characteristics of(More)
Knowing the epidemiology of migraine is important for a host of reasons. Migraine is one of the most prevalent types of headache. In addition, it constitutes a pathology which due to its cyclic, recurring and highly incapacitating characteristics has enormous repercussions on the quality of life of those affected; it is responsible for the loss of an(More)