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The topsoil of a 14.5 km(2) region of the Swiss Jura has been surveyed to identify the distributions of trace metals in it. The soil was sampled at 366 sites selected by combining a square grid and nesting. Concentrations of seven potentially toxic metals, namely Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb and Zn, were measured. Land use and geology (stratigraphy) were also(More)
The horizontal distributions of infective larvae on pasture grazed by sheep have been investigated. Using Taylor's Power Law it was found that larvae had a more aggregated distribution in September than August, the Law index of aggregation being 1.97 and 1.89 for the 2 months, respectively. However, at each time the degree of aggregation remained fairly(More)
The soil of some 50 km(2) around the town of Weinfelden in north-east Switzerland has been sampled and analysed to estimate and map the concentrations of heavy metals before an incinerator for the canton's waste is built. Given that the estimates are subject to error, the probabilities that true values exceed the maximum tolerable concentrations of the(More)
When a smelter has ceased operation, and in the absence of historical emission data, high-resolution geochemical surveys of the soil can reveal historical loads to the surrounding land. We use measurements of lead and tin in the soil at two depths to estimate the total quantities of these metals deposited on 286 km(2) of land around the former Capper Pass(More)
The vegetative cover in semi-arid lands typically occurs as patches of individual species more or less separated from one another by bare ground. We have adapted two methods to quantify the spatial pattern of such cover from measurements across patches on transects. Transects were laid in several directions across digital maps of the land surface or across(More)
The probability that the concentrations of toxic substances in soil or other medium exceed tolerablemaxima at any unsampled place can be estimated by indicator geostatistics. The method is developed and used to estimate and map the risk of contamination by cadmium, copper and lead in the topsoil of a 14.5 km 2 region in the Swiss Jura. It combines both(More)
The most important constraint to potato production in the UK is the damage caused by the potato cyst nematodes (PCN) Globodera pallida and Globodera rostochiensis. These are serious pests, capable of causing substantial yield loss. Modern management systems depend heavily on nematicides which, at c. £360 ha−1 for granular and c. £550 ha−1 for fumigant(More)
A typical geostatistical analysis of soil data proceeds on the assumption that the properties of interest are the outcomes of random processes. Is the assumption reasonable? Many factors have contributed to the soil as we see it, both in the parent material and during its formation. Each has a physical cause, each must obey the laws of physics, and each is(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare mechanical stability among five mini-implant designs--a newly invented design and four commercially available designs that vary by shape and threading; to calculate external surface area of each design using high-resolution micro-computed tomography; and to evaluate the relationship between surface area and stability results. (More)