R. F. Tredgold

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Their description of mental health had first been gained by pooling those of vaf, psychiatrists or psychologists: and they concluded that those who were mentally be# had certain characteristics: they treated others as individuals, they were flexible stress, they obtained gratification from a wide variety of sources, they accepted their0 capacities and(More)
The author can be criticised on several grounds. First, for what he has left out. Many people would have liked more on what they knew, as for instance (dare I say?) when the efforts of the psychiatrists in forward psychiatry in the Far East?which in some ways were unique?are dismissed in 5 pages. But this is perhaps unfair, when there is so much which has(More)
This is the third edition of an already well-known and well-used book published for the Nursing Mirror. It can certainly be recommended to all nurses (general and mental), as a simple yet comprehensive account of the psychology they will need in their work, and it is eminently practical. The only criticism is that it might have been brought more up to date(More)
The title of this book emphasises what many members of the N.A.M.H. have been pressing for years?that mental deficiency is a social problem. Unfortunately society is in general unwilling to accept its responsibility for a solution; or even to see that the problem exists. We can therefore be grateful to the two authors not only for their book, but also for(More)
one which could well have been applied to the pioneers of many reforms. This is, of course, the Abortion Law Reform Association. Mrs. Jenkins is well fitted to describe it, for she was a co-foundress, and she has been actively concerned for 34 years : and her account is vivid and stimulating. The method of approach is, however, more to recount a series of(More)
Redlich, The Inside Story. Pschiatry and Everyday Life. M.D. and June Bingham. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. Pp. 280. Many books have been written to tell the intelligent layman all he needs to know about his own mind, and few of them can be very cordially recommended. But the "Inside Story" is excellent from start to finish, and should be in everyone's(More)
The appearance of this book in a cheap edition is to be heartily welcomed and we hope it will be widely read?especially by those misled by earlier reviews into thinking it a violent attack on religion-It is of course nothing of the kind, but sets out to study the psychological mechanisms involved in certain forms of "religious conver-sion" as well as in(More)
Hysteria is still too little understood, and too much the subject ?f loose thinking, even by psychiatrists. Any attempt to clarify our knowledge is therefore welcome : and the more so, when it is backed by an experience and an erudition such as Dr. Kretschmer's. And indeed we can cordially recommend his book to all doctors, who will find his concepts very(More)