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We examined the relationship between metabolic stress, brain adenosine regulation, and the learned helplessness effect in four experiments in rats. Glucoprivation and metabolic inhibition were induced by treating previously restrained (nonshocked) rats with 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2DG) shortly before escape testing. Experiment 1 demonstrated that(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess attentional biases associated with food and body shape/weight words in fasted and nonfasted high and low Eating Disorder Inventory-2 (EDI-2) scorers. METHOD Subjects were 56 female first-year undergraduate psychology students, aged 17-24 years, participating for course credit. High and low scorers on the Drive for Thinness and Body(More)
INTRODUCTION The potential role of genetic testing in families with an inherited pattern of melanoma is a complex issue, and yet limited data exist on perceptions of predictive genetic testing for mutations among individuals at high risk of melanoma. METHODOLOGY Forty semi-structured interviews were undertaken with affected and unaffected individuals at(More)
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