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Mice were exposed to lanthanum chloride in drinking water at 0, 125, 250, and 500 mg/liter concentration prior to conception, during gestation, and until 30 days postnatally. Developing mice were assessed for the development of swimming and walking behavior and ear and eye opening. At 30 days of age the mice were assessed with a standard neurologic scale.(More)
The relationship between adolescent egocentrism and post-formal thinking was examined in 163 college undergraduates. Participants were administered the Imaginary Audience Scale and the Social Paradigm Belief Inventory. Results showed that females had higher levels of adolescent egocentrism than did males. A weak negative correlation between egocentrism and(More)
Rats (eight male, eight female) were trained to lick 32% and 4% sucrose solutions for three minutes per day on four consecutive days. Measures of the number of licks revealed robust positive and negative contrast effects. Analysis of the burst-pause pattern of licking revealed that the decrease in licking characteristic of the negative contrast effect(More)
The effects of early handling on the exhibition of positive and negative contrast effects were investigated. Over two 4-day testing sessions, animals were given alternating 1-min access periods to 2 bottles containing either 32 or 4% sucrose solutions. Measures of lick rate and latency to switch bottles revealed that both handled and nonhandled animals(More)
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