R. F. Musin

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We present preliminary experimental data that enable us to suggest that heat transfer in cellular tissue under local strong heating is a more complex phenomenon than a simple heat diffusion. Namely, we demonstrate that under local strong heating of a muscle tissue heat transfer in it exhibits substantial anisotropy unexplained in the context of the standard(More)
Possible mechanisms of water transport through Stratum Corneum (SC) in the process of insensible perspiration are investigated. Electrometric methods developed for measuring water flow density through SC are used. Data showing the reverse osmotic mechanism of water transport through the SC selective membrane are obtained. It is shown that the water flow(More)
Some results are presented of relaxation process of the triboelectric charge placed on the outer surface of human epidermis ("stratum cornium"). In measurements the characteristic time of the relaxation process was equal to tau approximately 10 divided by 10(3) sec. The measured values of tau and capacity of the high-resistivity stratum of epidermis (C(More)
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