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Emergence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa resistant to antibiotic monotherapy is one of the causes of therapeutic failure in chronic P. aeruginosa osteomyelitis. We report 15 cases of chronic (> 3 months of evolution) biopsy culture proven P. aeruginosa osteomyelitis included in an open prospective study evaluating the efficacy of prolonged treatment (> 4 months)(More)
Oral acyclovir has become the standard of care for treatment of acute herpes zoster. Netivudine is a novel antiviral with greater in-vitro activity against varicella zoster virus. It was compared with acyclovir in a randomized, double-blind, controlled trial in immunocompetent adults with herpes zoster. Patients with rash for less than 72 h were assigned to(More)
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