R F Laurence

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Eight patients suffering from sensorineural hearing losses with recruitment took part in a trial comparing their own hearing aids (or no aid if they did not normally wear one) with 'high-fidelity' linear aids and with aids incorporating two-channel syllabic compression. All aids were worn behind the ear. Speech intelligibility was measured both in quiet and(More)
Eight subjects suffering from bilateral sensorineural hearing losses with recruitment were fitted binaurally with two-channel compression hearing aids, worn behind the ear. After they had worn the aids for some time, measures of speech intelligibility were compared for two conditions: listening unaided, and listening aided. the dynamic range for speech,(More)
Telomerase is an RNA-dependent polymerase that synthesizes telomeric DNA (TTAGGG)n repeats. The overall goal of our work was to establish human cancer models that can be used to design clinical trials with telomerase inhibitors. The objectives of this study were (1) to set up a human breast cancer system that allows evaluation of the effects of telomerase(More)
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