R. F. I. Smith

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A white Bengal tiger was noted to have a convergent strabismus with poor vision since a cub. The tiger and a littermate with normal colouring and apparently normal eyes were anaesthetised for comparative ocular examination. A fundus typical of colour-dilute cats and dogs was noted in the white tiger. Except for strabismus, no abnormalities were observed.(More)
We consider quantification of biodiversity in the context of targets set by the Convention on Biological Diversity. Implicit in such targets is a requirement to monitor biodiversity at a regional level. Few monitoring schemes are designed with these targets in mind. Monitored sites are typically not selected to be representative of a wider region, and(More)
1. Experiments to compare the exchange (total influx) of sodium and chloride in the polychaete Nereis diversicolor in steady-state adaptation to very low salinities are reported. 2. The Na-uptake mechanism shows a high affinity for sodium, reaching half the maximal uptake rate at an external Na-concentration of 8-10 mM/liter (ca. 2% SW), and becomes(More)
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