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Hand tremor due to industrial exposure to metallic mercury vapour was recorded in 26 exposed and 25 non-exposed male workers by an accelerometer attached to the dorsum of the hand. The subjects were instructed to hold the hand and the forearm in the same position first without and then with a load of 1250 g supported by the hand. Analysis of the records(More)
A double-blind, randomized trial was performed with 51 patients suffering from focal ischemic lesions in the territory of the middle cerebral artery. Intravenous infusions of 10% glycerol in 0.9% NaCl--5% glucose solutions were administered twice daily for 6 days to 26 patients, and the same amount of NaCl--glucose solutions to 25 controls. Glycerol did not(More)
Forearm blood flow, venous distensibility and various clotting factors were determined in 118 apparently healthy women (mean age 26 years), either during the menstrual cycle, or while taking a combined contraceptive (A) with high progestin: estrogen ratio (d-norgestrel 0.125 mg + ethinylestradiol 0.03 mg), or a sequential contraceptive (B) with low(More)
Certified sickness rates of 36 male welders were examined for the period 1970-9. They were compared with 36 male controls from the same petrochemical plant, matched for age, smoking habits, duration of employment, and social class. Indices of severity (average annual duration), duration (average length of spell), and frequency (inception rate of spells and(More)
In 3 patients suffering from idiopathic orthostatic hypotension (Shy-Drager's syndrome) venous distensibility was measured by occlusion plethysmography in supine and upright position. In this latter position, venoconstriction was absent, contrasting with the marked venoconstriction observed in normal volunteers studied under identical conditions. Venous(More)
The prevalence rate of V.W.F. among 104 chain saw workers (mean age 29.7 yrs) is 27%. The main factors were the duration of exposure (mean 9.3 yrs) and the use of old chain saws without anti-vibration devices. P.R.H. confirms the symptomatology, although its predictive value for an individual is relatively low. Unter 104 Waldarbeitern (Durchschnittsalter(More)