R. F. Duan

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This investigation evaluated the impact of three mesh types (hexahedral, tetrahedral, and hybrid 12 cells) and five grid numbers (3, 6, 12, 24, and >38 million cells) on the accuracy and computing 13 costs of air distribution simulations in a first-class cabin. This study performed numerical error 14 analysis and compared the computed distributions of(More)
The expansion waves for the compressible Navier-Stokes equations have recently been shown to be nonlinear stable. The nonlinear stability results are called local stability or global stability depending on whether the H 1 −norm of the initial perturbation is small or not. Up to now, local stability results have been well established. However, for global(More)
14 Indoor air distributions, such as the distributions of air temperature, air velocity, and 15 contaminant concentrations, are very important to occupants' health and comfort in 16 enclosed spaces. When point data is collected for interpolation to form field 17 distributions, the sampling locations (the locations of the point sensors) have a 18 significant(More)
Kinetic control over the assembly pathways towards novel metastable functional materials or far-from-equilibrium systems has been much less studied compared to the thermodynamic equilibrium self-assembly. Herein, we report the distinct morphological transformation between nanocoils and nanoribbons in the self-assembly of unsymmetric perylene diimide (PDI)(More)
13 Commercial aircraft use environmental control systems (ECSs) to control the thermal 14 environment in cabins and thus ensure passengers' safety, health, and comfort. This study 15 investigated the interaction between ECS operation and cabin thermal environment. 16 Simplified models were developed for the thermodynamic processes of the key ECS 17(More)
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