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From strain gauge arches applied directly to the longitudinal surface of the papillary muscle of the canine left ventricle, its force of contraction was recorded simultaneously with that on an epicardial segment of the ventricle immediately overlying it. Left ventricular and atrial pressures, as well as ECG and local electrograms were also recorded in a(More)
Multiple indicator dilution studies of the pulmonary circulation were carried out in conscious, resting and exercising, and anesthetized dogs under conditions where there was no pulmonary edema. Labeled red cells, water, and albumin were injected together into the pulmonary artery, and effluent dilution patterns were obtained from the descending thoracic(More)
Infusion of 0.75 μ g/kgbw/min norepinephrine (NE), for 40 minutes, into one renal artery in anesthetized dogs, induced acute renal failure (ARF). Subsequently there was nearly complete reversal of function within 8 weeks. Isotonic saline volume expansion, or renal vasodilation plus diuresis by acetylcholine (into renal artery: 20 μg/min) did not protect(More)
Forearm veins were studied to determine whether patients with primary varicosity of the saphenous veins had a generalized abnormality of the venous system. Distensibility of the superficial forearm and hand veins was measured in 25 patients with varicosity of the saphenous veins, and in 25 control subjects. Patients with saphenous varicosity had a(More)