R. F. Brown

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The therapeutic alliance has a long history in the child and adolescent psychotherapy literature. This article examines prominent views on the alliance with youth and considers a number of issues that distinguish youth alliance from its adult counterpart. A meta-analysis of alliance-outcome associations in individual youth therapy is presented. In order to(More)
BACKGROUND There have been fluctuations in research interest into the inclusion of children with disabilities in mainstream schools over the last twenty years. It is still not clear what methods, practices and types of contact are most likely to promote positive attitudes in children toward disabled peers and disability generally. AIMS To consider two(More)
The present research is an examination of the parameters and correlates of kanashibari, operationally defined as being unable to move upon awakening or before falling asleep. Nonclinical Japanese individuals (N = 720), 34% of whom reported an experience of kanashibari at least once, were administered D. I. Templer's (1970) Death Anxiety Scale, R. Brown's(More)
The characteristics and functioning of adolescent female prostitutes were studied with nonprostitute delinquents and normal female adolescents constituting the control groups. All subjects were administered psychometric instruments and a life-history inventory. The most salient finding was that the adolescents displayed greater psychopathology as assessed(More)
The original 11 factors reported for the 29-item Depression Coping Questionnaire (DCQ) unnecessarily limits its potential usefulness as a clinically interpretable self-report measure. Therefore, the goal of this study was to reduce the number of DCQ factors to equal the number of core dimensions of depression coping addressed by the measure. Study(More)
For the southwestern United States, climate models project an increase in extreme precipitation events and prolonged dry periods. While most studies emphasize plant functional type response to precipitation variability, it is also important to understand the physiological characteristics of dominant plant species that define plant community composition and,(More)
45 incarcerated male felons in a medium-security state correctional institution participated in a Rational Behavior Training treatment outcome study. 58% of the subjects were white, 18% were African-American, 17% were Hispanic, and 7% were classified as other. Subjects were selected from an institutional group-therapy waiting list and randomly assigned to(More)