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The efficacy of including a magnetic field, low-intensity laser beam, and their combination in the complex of therapeutic measures was studied in 119 patients with suppurative wounds and diabetes mellitus. With the use of magnetic field or laser beam intoxication diminished, the organism's immunological status was stabilized within a shorter time, the wound(More)
The aim of the present research was to study the mechanism of the curative action of saffron extract (Crocus sativus L.). We conducted a number of experiments on Chinchilla rabbits with experimental models of retinal dystrophy. The obtained data indicates the antioxidative function plays a crucial role in the curative action of saffron extract and serves as(More)
Treatment of purulent wounds was carried out in 72 patients against the background of diabetes mellitus. In 42 of them the complex treatment included using magnetic fields. The application of magnetic fields promoted earlier and more pronounced reduction of the intoxication level, stabilization of the antioxidant system of organism and parameters of immune(More)
A study was made of the immune status and results of therapy of 152 diabetic patients with purulent injuries of soft tissues. Low-intensity laser irradiation of wounds and adjuvant active and passive immune therapy were shown to result in rapid stabilization of the immune status, reducing the duration of treatment.
Lipid peroxidation was studied in 179 patients with purulent surgical diseases and diabetes mellitus. Magnetotherapy, laser radiation, low-frequency ultrasound, ultraviolet irradiation of blood, and sorbent application were used as therapeutic factors. It was found that laser and ultraviolet irradiation of blood, and application of sorbents to the purulent(More)
Treatment of 168 patients with purulent wounds was performed against the background of diabetes mellitus with registration of the parameters of intoxication, antioxidant and immune system of the organism. Shorter time of treatment and stabilization of laboratory indices were noted when the complex treatment included the ultrasonic cavitation, antioxidant(More)
The authors have investigated the state of lipid peroxidation in 118 patients having purulent wounds of soft tissues against the background of diabetes mellitus. It was shown that the parenteral administration of vitamin E and the intracorporeal UVI of blood accelerated the process of stabilization of the parameters of lipid peroxidation and shortened the(More)
A result of treatment of 112 patients with diabetes mellitus and purulent surgical diseases has been analysed. In the complex of treatment, a low-frequency ultrasound and laser radiation were employed. An advantage of the use of ultrasound at the first, and laser--at the second phase of a wound process was noted. Phasic use of ultrasound and laser(More)