R. Förster

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OBJECTIVE The results of surgical therapy can only be accurately judged if the patients' characteristics and their impact on the outcome are known. The purpose of this study was to identify the risk factors of contemporary thoracic surgery, which could serve as a basis for a risk-matched comparison of different surgical techniques. METHODS The data of 15(More)
The case of a 29-year-old man with a left-sided pneumothorax caused by an injection needle in the lung is presented. The needle had been lost 3 months previously during an attempt to inject heroin into the left jugular vein. With axillary limited thoracotomy after attempted thoracoscopy, the needle was finally found in the left upper lobe of the lung, most(More)
Since 1996 thoracic surgery has been invoiced according to fixed reimbursement rates (Sonderentgelte, SE). The legislator argues that fixed reimbursement rates cover operation costs and justify a 20 % reduction in reimbursement for nursing. In order to examine this assumption we performed a cost analysis of thoracic surgery. Taking into account the staff,(More)
Patent ductus arteriosus is a frequent indication for surgical intervention in preterm infants. Commonly this operation is performed through a dorsolateral thoracotomy. In an animal trial (piglets smaller than 1,400 g) instruments and technique for thoracoscopic clipping of patent ductus arteriosus were developed. Since January 1993, 3 premature infants(More)
Suicide is a serious mental health problem in old age. Suicide ideation and life weariness are important psychopathological issues in geriatric medicine, although suicide ideation does not primarily depend on the severity of any physical disease. Despite these facts, insight into the internal psychological state of suicidal geriatric patients is still(More)
Laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgery have had a tremendous impact on adult surgery, but are still rarely used in children. In the past 3 years 168 children have been treated endoscopically in the three cooperating institutions. The course of all patients was documented prospectively in order to determine the value and prove the safety of endoscopic(More)
INTRODUCTION The resection of pulmonary metastases can extend life of patients, even offering the possibility of cure. A risk analysis of the surgical procedure under the current practice of the thoracic surgery has been performed in this study. MATERIALS AND METHODS Using a prolective method, data from 199 patients with 300 lung resections for pulmonary(More)
Current and future legislation demand improved efficiency in the medical services. The aim of this study was to analyse the costs of vascular surgery in order to reveal potential ways of reducing expense. Taking into account the staff, equipment and operating theatre supplies, we analyzed 58 elective operations comprising 47 conventional and 11 combined(More)
There is no consensus in treating relapsing pneumothorax and pleural effusion. Various types of treatment exist. While open chest surgery with mechanical pleurodesis or pleurectomy is effective, with a recurrence rate close to zero, for patients in poor conditions this treatment may be disadvantageous because of its invasiveness. Therefore minimally(More)