R. Eulenburg

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The case of a 23-year-old patient with scleroderma in her first pregnancy is described. The problem complexes, the influence of the disease on the continuation of pregnancy, and how the pregnancy affects the prognosis of the scleroderma are discussed and compared with the global literature. It does not appear possible to prove that scleroderma has a(More)
111. P. Albert, C. Pake, K. Rotte (Wtirzburg): Das ferngesteuerte Nachladeverfahren (Remote controlled after loading) fiir die intrakavit~re Kontakttherapie (Brachytherapie) gynSkologischer Cardnome Bei der Strahlentherapie gyn/ikologischer Carcinome werden im Gegensatz zur konventionellen Radiumtherapie im ferngesteuerten Nachladeverfahren zunfichst leere(More)
The article reports on a comparison between 100 x-ray films (preparation radiographies, mammographies) with grid and a film/foil combination on the one hand, and conventional x-ray technique with material testing x-ray film on the other. The clear superiority of grid mammography is demonstrated by means of case examples.
der Prfivalenz ab, d.h. auf den Prozentsatz aller wirklich Erkrankten in einem Untersuchungsgut, in unserem Beispiel 41% und damit 59% unn6tige Mammabiopsien. Die prfidiktiven Werte gelten allerdings immer nut ftir die je gegebene Prfivalenz. )i, ndert sich die Prfivalenz, so findern sich auch die prfidiktiven Werte. Setzt man fiir die Screening-Situation(More)
A lot of women still object to mammography for fear of induction of carcinoma by radioactive rays. Even a large number of doctors are not informed about the fact that during the last ten years the dosage necessary for examination could be extremely reduced. In a follow-up examination of 61 females who had undergone a therapy of mastitis with a dosage of 3 X(More)
In the present work, the 45 ~ medio-latera! (m-l) projection mammography, is compared with the commonly used cranio-caudal (c-c) and medio-lateral (m-l) projections] In a retrospective study we compared 500 known cancer with respect to their visibility in the different projections. Visualized in all 3 projections 438 87.6% m-i and 45 ~ pro~ections 14 2.8%(More)
In the last few years thermography lost some of its value in the diagnosis of breast cancer because of the changeover to x-ray mammography and ultrasound mammography. Nevertheless, it is still a very useful additional method, especially if the doctor can only perform a clinical examination. Combination of thermography and clinical examination produces(More)