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For an economic analysis of theileriosis control, we adopted the total economic cost (TEC) method, which calculates the sum of output losses from tick damage, theileriosis mortality and morbidity, and expenditures for treatment or prevention of the disease. At farm level, the TEC can be minimized by a specific combination of vector control and/or(More)
A survey to monitor the use of trypanocidal drugs by cattle breeders was conducted in Zambia. Use was made of a questionnaire and of the isometamidium-ELISA technique. One hundred and twenty-two farmers and 50 veterinary assistants were interviewed. The isometamidium-ELISA was used to monitor the isometamidium serum concentration in 72 cattle, 1 week after(More)
Many of the problems associated with the delivery of quality veterinary services to smallholders in Africa are attributed to the complexity of the provision of animal health care (AHC) in sub-Saharan Africa. In this region, a holistic and analytical approach is needed to determine area-specific requirements for sustainable, and thus quality, AHC. This study(More)
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