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The author report a new case of the syndrome described by Antley and Bixler. It concerns a female new-born who presents a craniosynostosis with brachycephaly, midface hypoplasia, unilateral choanal atresia, multiple joint contractures and arachnodactyly. There was no bowing of the femora and only the radius and the ulna were bowed. The absence of(More)
In a series of 180 cases of Kala-azar, hepatic involvement was found in 16 patients. The authors report 7 cases of severe hepatitis with cytolysis, cholestasis and liver failure. These patients presented with high triglyceride, low cholesterol and low alpha-lipoprotein blood levels. The authors suggest that an activation of the mononuclear phagocyte system(More)
The authors report a series of 14 cases of cerebral hydatid cysts. This is a rare site (1.5% of all sites) which usually presents in the form of intracranial hypertension, sometimes associated with localizing signs, the diagnosis is no longer a problem since the development of computed tomography. Treatment is exclusively surgical and the prognosis depends(More)
The aim of this work is to present a system for recognizing isolated Arabic printed characters. This system goes through several stages: preprocessing, feature extraction and classification. Zernike moments, invariant moments and Walsh transformation are used to calculate the features. The classification is based on multilayer neural networks. A recognition(More)
Most of the reported works in the field of character recognition systems achieve modest results by using a single method for calculating the parameters of the character image and a single approach in the classification phase of the system. So, in order to improve the recognition rate, this document proposes an automatic system to recognize isolated printed(More)
Two cases in the same sibship are reported. The elder patient, who had posterior dislocation of the lens resulting in glaucoma and significant psychomotor retardation, died at the age of 13 with malignant arterial hypertension. Death was caused by thrombotic events (left carotid artery, coronary vessels, renal arteries and arterioles with fibrous(More)
This paper provides an approach to automatically recognize the Tifinagh characters. The proposed recognition system is based on Texture, Walsh transformation and GIST descriptors as feature extraction methods while the Bayesian Networks are used as a classifier. A comparative study between the Texture descriptor, Walsh transformation and GIST descriptor is(More)
Face recognition is the field of great interest in the domaine of research for several applications such as biometry identification, surveillance, and human-machine interaction. This paper exposes a system of face recognition. This system exploits an image document text embedding a color human face image. Initially, the system, in its phase of extraction,(More)