R. Ehrlich

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For a series of wild type and mutated eucaryotic gene prelude sequences (mainly "promoters" of SV40 early gene (Benoist and Chambon, Nature 290, 304 (1981); Moreau et al., Nuc. Acids Res. 9, 6047 (1982)) and of Herpes Simplex Virus TK gene (McKnight and Kingsbury, Science 217, 316 (1982)), in vivo promoter activity and local stability (denaturability) have(More)
The topography significantly affects microclimatic conditions and the physical properties of soil along and between slopes of different orientations in desert ecosystems. The goal of the present study was to determine the relationship between slope orientation and bacterial, as well as fungal, community composition both in bulk soil and soil particle-size(More)
Cooperative transitions in DNA (B to Z, B to A, helix to coil, etc.) are known to depend strongly on nucleotide sequence. In general the change in free energy involved in the transition can be expressed as: delta G(seq) = 2RT log (sigma) where sigma is a factor arising from the free energy associated with boundaries of different conformations along the(More)
Three types of natural immune responses against malignant cells were studied in vitro: Cytotoxicity mediated by splenic NK cells; cytostasis mediated by splenocytes and binding of naturally occurring antibodies to various tumour targets. These responses were studied in untreated 3 and 12 month old mice and in mice of both age groups inoculated with B16(More)
The signal qualifying an AUG or GUG as an initiator in mRNAs processed by E. coli ribosomes is not found to be a systematic, literal homology sequence. In contrast, stability analysis reveals that initiators always occur within nucleic acid domains of low stability, for which a high A/U content is observed. Since no aminoacid selection pressure can be(More)
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