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DNAs coding for seven murine connexins (Cx) (Cx26, Cx31, Cx32, Cx37, Cx40, Cx43, and Cx45) are functionally expressed in human HeLa cells that were deficient in gap junctional communication. We compare the permeabilities of gap junctions comprised of different connexins to iontophoretically injected tracer molecules. Our results show that Lucifer yellow can(More)
Two classes of calcium channels were activated by membrane depolarization in cell-free membrane patches from GH3 cells, an electrically excitable cell line derived from a mammalian pituitary tumor. One class had a conductance of approximately 10 pS in 90 mM barium, had a threshold of activation near -40 mV, and was inactivated rapidly at holding potentials(More)
Gap junctions in the vertebrate lens exhibit spatial differences in pH gating: those in the cortical fibre cells close upon tissue acidification while those in the core region do not. It has been speculated that this difference in channel gating is a consequence of the cleavage of the connexins (Cx) that form the gap junction channels. We report the(More)
PURPOSE To investigate whether lens fiber cells isolated and maintained under calcium-free conditions exhibit distinct membrane currents. METHODS Fiber cells were isolated from the cortical portion of neonate rat lenses using a trypsin digestion protocol and were maintained in EDTA-buffered Ringer's solutions. Membrane currents were recorded from fiber(More)
TOM protein-conducting channels serve as the main entry sites into mitochondria for virtually all mitochondrial proteins. When incorporated into lipid bilayers, they form large, relatively nonspecific ion channels that are blocked by peptides derived from mitochondrial precursor proteins. Using single-channel electrical recordings, we analyzed the(More)
Due to its non-invasive character, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) is particularly suited for the investigation of diffusion behavior of proteins in living cells. In this study we have investigated the diffusion properties of CFP-labeled gap junction hemichannels in the plasma membrane of living HeLa cells. Gap junction hemichannels or connexons(More)
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