R. E. Yeats

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A reliable high performance InGaP emitter HBT process has been developed for RF and microwave instruments. The InGaP process achieves Ft and Fmax values of 65 GHz and 75 GHz, respectively, with BVeeo=8.4 V and beta=132. The MTTF values of >5/spl times/10/sup 5/ hours at maximum operating conditions (Tj=150/spl deg/C, Jc=0.6 mA/um/sup 2/) are an order of(More)
A high performance GaAsSb base, InP collector DHBT IC process has been developed for RF, microwave and telecommunications instrumentation. The GaAsSb process achieves f/sub T/ and f/sub max/ values of 185 GHz and 220 GHz respectively, at operating currents of J/sub c/= 1.5 mA//spl mu/m/sup 2/, with catastrophic on-state breakdown voltages of BVcbx = 9 V at(More)
A novel MSI circuit and reliability test method has been developed to measure the probability of infant failure in InGaP/GaAs HBTs. This circuit enables simultaneous reliability testing of 200 HBTs per circuit, and has been used routinely to test 12,800 HBTs/wafer (and sometimes 100, 000HBTs/wafer) to measure the probability of infant failure Pqf on each(More)
A novel circuit for measuring the infant mortality rate in InGaP/GaAs HBT Technology is presented. The circuit allows reliability stressing to be performed on as many as 100,000 transistors per wafer and is necessary in order to predict the infant circuit failure rate in circuits with >500 transistors without costly burn-in screens. This new circuit allows(More)
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