R E Wolff

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INTRODUCTION: Traditional outcome measures have described the wrist in isolated planes of motion (flexion-extension, radial-ulnar deviation). While practical and straightforward, these measures do not convey information concerning functional activities of the wrist. Most functional activities employ " coupled " wrist motion, a combination of(More)
(2014). Emotional socialization in the context of risk and psychopathology: Maternal emotion coaching predicts better treatment outcomes for emotional labile children with oppositional defiant disorder. (2014). Parent-child relations, conduct problems, and clinical improvement following the treatment of oppositional defiant disorder, under review. helping(More)
A real-time contour detector for medical images is a highly desirable tool for monitoring patients with high cardiac risk. Such a tool is realized with a special purpose computer system, the MCCD-accelerator. Because this system is very complex, faults are hard to detect. It is important to have a powerful set of test-tools available. This report presents a(More)
  • Jackson, Trebilcock, Howse, See Stein, Wolff, See Hufbauer +2 others
  • 2004
The use of safeguard measures provides trading nations with a unique and powerful " escape clause " for certain domestic industries. Safeguards are intended to serve as emergency measures that temporarily protect a domestic industry from the serious injury that is experienced as a result of an increase in imports. Unlike other trade remedies available under(More)
We observed and other persons, too, (visitors, new patients...) the strange and particular physic aspect of lunatic people who are ill long since. The autonomy everybody seaks after, psychotic people loset it. The transformations of the psychoticbody appears as a trial to singularise and differentiate theirselves from the others. The few alluring aspect of(More)
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