R. E. Wilson

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Chinese hamster ovary cells subjected to severe hypoxia stop growing. When oxygen was reintroduced growth resumed, but at a slower rate. The longer the hypoxic stress, the slower the recovery growth rate. Six hours of hypoxia caused very little decrease in growth rate while a 24 h period almost halved the rate. Short hypoxic periods resulted in almost no(More)
Multianticipative driving behavior, where a vehicle reacts to many vehicles in front, has been extensively studied and modeled using a car-following (i.e., microscopic) approach. A lot of effort has been under-taken to model such multianticipative driving behavior using a macroscopic approach, which is useful for real-time prediction and control(More)
— This paper is concerned with smartphone based inertial sensors for locating pedestrians. Two set of experiments were conducted over seven subjects. One set of the subjects walked along a straight path at a perceived normal and speedy pace, and the other set of subjects traversed a simple map consisting of two L shaped paths. In the experiments, a(More)
In this paper an old model for the temporal and spatial evolution of orofecal transmitted disease is reexamined. It consists of a system of two coupled reaction-diffusion equations for the concentration of bacteria and infective humans, under the assumptions that the total population of humans is unaffected by the disease and only a small proportion of the(More)
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