R E Thorne

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Quasilongitudinal sound velocities and the second-order elastic moduli of tetragonal hen egg-white lysozyme crystals were determined as a function of relative humidity (RH) by Brillouin scattering. In hydrated crystals the measured sound velocities in the [110] plane vary between 2.12 +/- 0.03 km/s along the [001] direction and 2.31 +/- 0.08 km/s along the(More)
For many ancient cultures including those of the Mediterranean, carved stone inscriptions provide our most detailed historical record. More than 500,000 Greek and Latin inscriptions from all over the Mediterranean are known. Over the ages the surfaces of many of these inscriptions have been eroded so that the original text can no longer be distinguished. A(More)
The electronic band structure of the Peierls compound NbSe3 has been explored for its symmetries with microspot synchrotron photoemission. The Fermi level crossings and deviations from one-dimensional behavior are identified. Density-functional calculations of the Fermi surfaces confirm the nesting conditions relevant for the two phase transitions. The(More)
We have probed the effects of transverse variations in pinning strength on charge-density-wave (CDW) structure in NbSe3 by x-ray micro-beam diffraction. In ribbonlike crystals having a large longitudinal step in thickness, the CDW first depins on the thick side of the step, causing rotations of the CDW wave vector. By measuring these rotations as a function(More)
Low-temperature electronic properties of the charge-density-wave system NbSe3 are reported from angle-resolved photoemission at 15 K. The effect of two instabilities q(1) and q(2) on the k-resolved spectral function is observed for the first time. With a pseudogap background, the gap spectra exhibit maxima at Delta*(1) approximately 110 meV and Delta*(2)(More)
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