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The purpose of this study was to evaluate topical urea ophthalmic ointment as an agent to promote epithelial healing. Corneal epitheliopathy and epithelial defects were chemically induced in rabbits. Urea ophthalmic ointment was administered to one eye and control ointment to the fellow eye. The rabbits were examined by a masked observer for eleven days and(More)
Renal dialysis patients have hyperosmolar bodily fluids due to high urea levels, and accordingly their tears should be hyperosmolar. Tear hyperosmolarity is a sensitive and specific test for dry eye. The purpose of this study was to determine whether renal dialysis patients have hyperosmolar tears and dry eye. Ten renal dialysis patients completed the(More)
Growth of S. mutans on mixed or parotid saliva from CF individuals may be influenced by the availability of growth-supportive proteins or the inhibitory activity present in parotid saliva. A deficiency in growth-supportive proteins may explain the limited growth of S. sanguis on mixed or submandibular saliva from these individuals.
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