R E O'Neill

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Three individuals with severe intellectual disabilities participated in separate analyses of problem behavior. In each case, a functional analysis was conducted under two parallel conditions. In one condition, self-injury or aggression resulted in escape from difficult tasks; in the second condition, the same problem behavior resulted in access to preferred(More)
The present study was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of a program designed to teach behavior modification procedures to normal siblings of autistic children. Three sibling pairs participated in a multiple-baseline analysis of the effects of training the normal siblings to use behavior modification procedures to teach their autistic brother or(More)
The axoplasmic transport of proteins in spinal motor neurons is altered by pargyline, a drug that causes increased release of monoamines. Two new peaks of transported protein were detected in the sciatic nerves of rats treated with pargyline (75 mg/kg/day ip for three days). These peaks moved with velocities of 595 mm/day (peak I) and 1,230 mm/day (peak(More)
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