R E Nickel

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The development of nine infants with enlarged subarachnoid spaces identified by specific CT-scan criteria was prospectively followed to two to three years of age. Infants with intracranial hemorrhage, CNS anomaly, microcephaly or other factors of potentially major negative impact on their development were excluded. All study infants had normal or only(More)
The authors describe the Infant Motor Screen, which is a brief evaluation of the quality of motor patterns of preterm infants from four to 16 months of age. It was developed for use with an assessment of motor milestones as part of a developmental screening program for high-risk infants. 111 infants were tested at four months and 58 at eight months. The(More)
Central ventilatory dysfunction (CVD) is a significant complication of myelodysplasia with Arnold-Chiari type II defect. The records of 616 patients with myelodysplasia were reviewed and CVD was documented in 35 cases (5.7 per cent): it was the single most common cause of death in this population. There was no significant association between CVD and level(More)
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