R. E. Lehmann

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An<tex>X</tex>-band monolithic three-stage low-noise amplifier (LNA) employing series feedback has demonstrated 1.8-dB noise figure with 30.0-dB gain and an input VSWR less than 1.2:1 at 10 GHz. The key to this design is using monolithic technology to obtain an exactly repeatable series feedback inductance to achieve a simultaneous noise match and input(More)
An integrated MMIC diffraction grating antenna has been developed which provides an electronic beam scanning capability at mm-wave frequencies. The grating antenna has been designed to operate near the second Bragg diffraction condition using a corrugated ceramic structure. To provide frequency scan capability, a GaAs varactor-controlled oscillator/buffer(More)
Vertically oriented GaAs MESFET's were fabricated on thick epitaxial conductive layers grown by molecular-beam epitaxy on a semi-insulating substrate. The vertical channel pattern was defined by electron-beam lithography and included structures as small as 0.3- 0.4 &#181;m on a total period of 1.0 &#181;m. The vertical channels were formed by reactive ion(More)
A GaAs FET power amplifier module operating in K-band is described. The module has integral input and output WR-51 waveguide ports and incorporates a pair of low-loss waveguide to microstrip transitions. Single-stage and multi-stage microstrip FET amplifiers are fabricated on individual copper carrier blocks incorporating in-package impedance matching. Six(More)
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