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The lantibiotic mutacin II, produced by Streptococcus mutans T8, is a ribosomally synthesized peptide antibiotic that contains thioether amino acids such as lanthionine and methyllanthionine as a result of post-translational modifications. The mutacin II leader peptide sequence shares a number of identical amino acid residues with class AII lantibiotic(More)
Mutacin II is a post-translationally modified lantibiotic peptide secreted by Streptococcus mutans T8, which inhibits the energy metabolism of sensitive cells. The deduced amino acid sequence of promutacin II is NRWWQGVVPTVSYECRMNSWQHVFTCC, which is capable of forming three thioether bridges. It was not obvious, however, how the three thioether bridges are(More)
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