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A procedure is proposed for the design of static multivariable process controllers which result in an overall system transfer function matrix which matches that of a desired process model approximately. The proposed technique is simple and useful in many practical situations where exact matching would otherwise require unduly complex dynamic controllers.
A simple method to design chaos suppressors for a class of chaotic systems that can be decomposed into a linear subsystem and a nonlinear subsystem whose states can be decoupled is presented. The method yields a constant state feedback controller and global stability of the controlled system. The proposed methodology is demonstrated on three well-known(More)
In ancestry estimation of South African individuals, non-metric morphological trait assessment has not proven useful and previous results in FORDISC 3.0 leave room for improvement. The accuracy rates of software programs FORDISC 3.1 and 3D-ID were compared for ancestry estimation based on cranial data of black and white South Africans using discriminant(More)
-An analysis of control systems containing nonlinear elements and elements operating on discrete as well as continuous signals is described. When amplitude sensitive elements are involved in sampled-data systems, and provided certain restrictions are adhered to, it is shown that describing function techniques can be readily used to evaluate the stability(More)