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Major surgery in the elderly continues to have a high mortality rate. Preoperative myocardial ischemia is a known risk factor. Cardiac failure is also a risk factor, but is difficult to quantify objectively. One hundred eighty-seven elderly surgical patients were evaluated for cardiac failure by cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPX). The overall mortality(More)
The molecular approach of PCR amplification of specific gene targets and universal loci for bacteria (16S rRNA) and fungi (18S, 28S and 5.8S rRNA) and subsequent sequencing was used to identify the possible causal microbial agent(s) in blood culture (47 patients) and heart valve material (30 patients) from patients with suspected infective endocarditis(More)
who required only oxygen for a brief period, and the same facemask had been used. None of them had developed any signs ofinfection. On the initial screening S pneumoniae type 6 was isolated from the T piece connector of the face mask (figure). Repeat examination ofthe same facemask and connector seven days later yielded S pneumoniae type 6 from the thread(More)
Skeletal tuberculosis is an uncommon form of tuberculosis. During the period 1977-87, the number of cases diagnosed in two Dublin hospitals has remained at a constant level. The present study reports on 36 adults with skeletal tuberculosis and shows more frequent extraspinal involvement than other studies. The long duration of symptoms prior to diagnosis of(More)
Twenty patients with severe infection, 10 of the urinary tract and the other 10 of the respiratory tract, were enrolled in a clinical trial of aztreonam, a new monobactam antimicrobial agent. For the urinary tract infections, the mean duration of treatment was 7 days, with doses ranging from 0.25 to 1.0 g aztreonam intravenously twice daily. Sustained(More)
The effect of subcutaneous catheter tunnelling on the incidence of catheter sepsis and on catheter life span in the absence of a nutrition team was determined in a prospective controlled clinical trial. Eighty one patients who received 92 courses of parenteral nutrition had 110 catheters inserted. Alternate catheters were tunnelled. Four patients who(More)
An environmental survey was carried out which consisted of periodic and random sampling of water tanks and showers in two large Dublin hospitals. Of the samples 5.3% yielded Legionella bacteria. Legionella pneumophila of serogroups 3, 5 and 6 were isolated from these sites with viable counts ranging from 3.0 x 10(2) - 2.5 x 10(3) c.f.u./litre. The(More)